Eyegasm: Ashley Sky featured in the Jay-Z & Kanye West Otis Video gives her perspective on the shoot.

The “Otis” video was incredible and looked like incredible fun to shoot, especially for you. How was it filming on set?
YES, it was definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever had to do at a job and a lot of fun, but I’m not going to lie , it was an 18-hour day. A lot of dirt and it was pretty rough in the back of that car, but it was definitely worth the final product and also a nice change from the simple beach & studio shoots I’m used to doing! haha

I know you guys shot that last month in late July…any behind-the-scenes funny moments that you loved about the shoot?
Hmmm, the funniest thing to me was just seeing how excited and happy everyone was to be there…EVERYONE was high energy & genuinely laughing [and] having a good time. I think that aspect really translated well into the video.

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Where was the shoot?

Riding in the car, I know you guys had seatbelts, but there were no doors. How was it really. Was it scary? Fun?
Well before I showed up to set I didn’t know many details as to what I would be doing. As you can imagine I was very surprised to find out the concept of the video just before we actually started filming the scene. It was CRAZY! It was exactly how it looked in the video, the driving was insane. We were all harnessed in very well and could not move at all so we were very safe. It was a lot of fun…. I mean who can say they have done that in their lifetime?

How did you like the video and how the final product turned out?
I love the video! Spike Jonze & the whole team did an amazing job putting it all together, the concept is so original. Definitely a one of a kind music video

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