GETPlugged: Jay-Z Covers The Source Magazine

The 9/11 10th Anniversary tribute issue of The Source will feature Jay-Z as the pay homage to his groundbreaking album, Blueprint. The feature was written by RapRadar’s Elliot Wilson and hits stands on September 20th.

“After his classic 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, ignited the streets, dazzled the critics, but didn’t move enough units, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter scrapped his bad marketing plan for a one-album discography and decided to drop new masterful work each and every year. He emerged center stage with a fervent desire to be #1 in the post “Pac-Biggie” era. No MC ever wanted the throne as much as Hov. If consistency kills, he was the Son of Sam, and by the time he got to his sixth album, his frustrated competitors were firing shots back.”

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