GETPlugged: Love & Hip Hop Star Mendeecees Harris Acquitted of Child Molestion Charges Now Faces Multiple Drug Charges in NY


A jury of Mendeecees Harris peers found him not guilty of molesting his girlfriend daughter. The grandmother and aunt left as the verdict was being read and told Cliffview Pilot “it’s in God Hands, The truth will come out.”

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 Jurors began deliberating this morning at 11:30 after being charged by the judge. They returned to the courtroom at 1:45 to review revised verdict sheets and began deliberating again at 2 o’clock.

At 3 p.m., the jurors returned to the courtroom. DeAvila-Silebi told them the Bergen County Courthouse was closing because of the snowstorm and that they could return Monday to continue deliberations.

However, the juror asked to remain. Less than an hour later, they returned the verdicts.

He now faces drug charges in NY. A federal indictment accuses him and two co-defendents of trafficking $2.5 million worth of heroin.

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