GETPlugged: Miami Heat Interested in Boston Celtics Free Agent Ray Allen

After winning the 2011-12 NBA Championship, the Miami Heat have wasted no time planning toward repeating next year. The Miami Heat and the Celtics Ray Allen, who is now a free agent, have made it clear that they share interest in one another.

Miami has a team full of expensive players and adding Ray Allen to the team would increase their expenses by at least $10 million. Whether or not Miami can afford Ray Allen is the question. Next year, Miami will most likely have the third highest payroll in the league paying out nearly $80 million.

Read more after the jumpRay Allen, plagued with injuries, played in 46 games this season and averaged 14.2 points. With the chances of Mike Miller retiring, Ray Allen would definitely be a great addition to the Heat, providing some crucial minutes and points off the bench.

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