G.O.O.D. Music Artist Big Sean Faces Sexual Assualt Charges

Detroit hip-hop star Big Sean faced allegations of sexual assault as he made his way to Pontiac for a big homecoming gig Friday night.

The 23-year-old rapper, born Sean Anderson, was arrested Thursday for an alleged sexual assault during his concert with Wiz Khalifa outside Buffalo, N.Y.

Also arrested was Willie Antonio Hansbro, 23, of Detroit.

Both were charged with third-degree sexual abuse, second-degree forcible touching and second-degree unlawful imprisonment. Each was released on $500 bail.

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New York State Park Police arrested the pair after investigating a female’s complaint of sexual assault at about 9:50 p.m. Thursday. Police officials declined to offer further details.

Big Sean was scheduled to play a sold-out show Friday at the Phoenix Amphitheater in Pontiac, his first major metro Detroit performance since the June release of his Kanye West-produced debut album, “Finally Famous.”

Big Sean hasn’t publicly commented on the allegations, but he was busy on Twitter Friday afternoon, posting enthusiastically about the show and inviting fans to the concert afterparty in Pontiac.

David Lee, a Detroit criminal defense attorney who has practiced in New York, said the $500 bail is a “relatively minimal bail that shows the judge probably doesn’t consider him a flight risk, a danger or a predator.

“It would possibly indicate to me that the case is relatively weak in the preliminary judgment of the judge or magistrate,” Lee said.

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