GET”TFOH”: Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced to Jail for Tax Evasion


Following a three-hour jury room meeting earlier today in Italy, Judge Antonella Brambilla found designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana guilty of tax evasion and sentenced the two to one year and eight months of jail time. The verdict comes as the culmination in a case that dates back to 2010 (one that was originally dropped due to a lack of evidence) and has already seen Dolce & Gabbana pay $440 million USD in fines stemming from the label’s 2004 sale to Luxembourg’s Gado Srl – a move, according to the judge, solely done in order to evade Italian taxes. As independent fashion news site Fashionista points out, the twenty-month sentence could pose a major blow to the label as that amount of time will likely encompass four major fashion seasons.

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