GET”TFOH”: Tim Duncans Wife Amy Claims He’s Bisexual in Divorce Proceedings


While Tim Duncan and wife Amy Duncan faces an upcoming divorce, rumor has it that another man is to blame for the couple’s split.

According to a report, the real reason why Amy couldn’t wait to get a divorce from Tim was because of his relationship with another man, his long-time college boyfriend.

“Amy treated Tim like a b*** throughout their marriage because she knew he was f**** his BFF,” tipster claimed. “Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual,” the source said.

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The Duncans filed for divorce in March, and Tim allegedly wants Amy under a gag order during the proceedings so she can’t spill any dirt on him.

The Duncans has not given any statement neither confirmed nor denied the speculations.

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