Spotted: Blue Man Group Orlando

One of the perks of this job is comp tickets to various types of events. My curiosity definitely sparked when We recieved a few tickets to the Blue Man Group show. Immediately i asked different friends and colleagues who had seen the show what it was all about. To my suprise no one could give me an accurate account of what goes on at this venue. My curiosity then became ferocious. How could people have seen the show (some multiple visits) not be able to describe it? Well the answer is the Blue Man Show is so unique and strange it is difficult to assemble words to describe it properly but I’ll try.  Read full story after the jump

As soon as you approach the Theater you are mesmerized by the art work of various scenes from the show. This aids in further raising your curiousity of what’s to come when you enter the building. The suspense continues to build as you enter a pitch black theater with a very odd looking set. Picture/video taking is absolutely prohibited inside the theater and they continuously remind you on a large message board. Its lock down for real though not like a concert where you tape whatever you want anyway. We witnessed two families get tossed for not adhearing to the rules.

The show begins and it is jaw dropping. Think of a mix of Live concert(5 piece band), abstract art, theater and amazing light shows all meshed into one. Hip Hop heads can even expect to be entertained as the Blue Men incoporate many aspects of the culture in the show. Break beats, scratching and break dancing are just a few hiphop elements that rear their head during the 2 hour spectacle. Also expect hints of rock, heavy metal and everthing in between.

Then there is the art aspect. The Blue Men do things with paint, lights, and electronics that you have never seen before and probably will never see again. My personal favorite is a stunt where they retain about 20 paint balls inside of their mouths and then paint a canvas which ends up better than some artist do with their hands. If you are a blue light fan this show will amaze you. The Blue Men manipulate blue light and its reflection with a scientists perfection. Your eyes are treated to constant delight and at times pleasant bewilderment.

All in all I walked away feeling lucky I had seen something so unique and eye pleasing. If you get the chance check it out please don’t hesitate.

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