Aug 12

GETPlugged: Polo Ralph Lauren Drops The ‘Polo’ From Its Name

It’s a very sad day for one of my best friends Marlon.  Damn homie…..The End Of An Era: Polo Ralph Lauren Drops The ‘Polo’ From Its Name

Polo Ralph Lauren voted last week to drop the ‘Polo’ from its name in its quest to tighten its image before expanding like crazy worldwide. Ralph Lauren is one of the few companies that experienced substantial growth on Wall Street in the past few months. The word ‘polo’ is ascribed to the specific style of shirt that was invented for the tennis courts and polo fields in the ’20s. Ralph Lauren named his original line ‘Polo’ in 1972, and thus confused everyone (including Polo players themselves) about the connections between the brand, the sport, and the shirt.

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Aug 12

GETPlugged: A CNN Reports Shows Majority of Americans Don’t Have $1,000 to Handle An Emergency

A CNN report says a majority, or 64%, of Americans don’t have enough cash on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency expense, according to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, or NFCC, released on Wednesday. Only 36% said they would tap their rainy day funds for an emergency. The rest of the 2,700 people polled said that they would have to go to other extremes to cover an unexpected expense, such as borrowing money or taking out a cash advance on a credit card.

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Aug 12

GET “TFOH”: Peter Gunz Comes To Radio Station And Confronts Affion Crockett

It was all fun and games earlier this week, when comedian Affion Crockett released an hilarious youtube video impersonating the likes of Kanye West, Jay-z, Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz, however Cory’s father, Peter Gunz may not have found the clip so funny. While Affion was in the middle of a radio interview with Sway Calloway yesterday, Peter Gunz came up to the station dressed in a hoodie as if he was ready for war. 

Read more and watch the confrontation after the jump Read More »

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Aug 12

GET “TFOH”: Drake & Serena Williams Dating???

Has Young Money rapper Drake finally moved on from his alleged love affair with Rihanna to a new romance with tennis star (and rapper Common’s ex) Serena Williams? According to, the pair have been getting extra cozy over the past few weeks with the most recent rendezvous being last week in South Florida.  Read more and see pics after the jump Read More »

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