Aug 08

Eyegasm: Khalia – Miami

So I first came across Khalia watching Operation Osmin who is this borderline pyscho, but an awesome trainer here in Miami.  I actually thought Khalia was killen em before she even dropped the weight, but my curiosity on how much she actually lost made me google her, and look what I found……  Grab a better look after the jump Read More »

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Aug 08

GETDipped: Christian Louboutin “Alfie” Flat Fall/Winter 2011

FW11 welcomes “Alfie” to the Louboutin Men’s Sneaker Collection. No spikes needed, “Alfie” is aggressive on his own. The corset style laces that run from toe to ankle combined with multicolor glitter york redefines what a fashion forward sneaker should look like.
Christian Louboutin

Expect these to go on sale September 16th for $895.  See more styles after the jump Read More »

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Aug 08

Get Whipped: Sterling GT Video

These days it is extremely difficult to find a unique vehicle which turns heads. The Sterling GT Kit Car steps in to make the task much easier with its one of a kind lifting windows and roof, sleek sexy design and super low ground clearance. See video and learn more after the previous Read More »

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Aug 07

GETPlugged: Big Boi of Outkast arrested in Miami on drug charges

OutKast member and hip-hop artist Big Boi was arrested in Miami on Sunday for possession of drugs, according to the Miami-Dade Corrections website.

The rapper, whose real name is Antwan Andre Patton, 36, but performs under the name Big Boi, was charged with three counts of possessing of Ecstasy and Viagra and MDMA, an ingredient in Ecstasy.   Read full story after the jump Read More »

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Aug 06

Jay-Z & Pharrell Williams Team Up To Propel Billionaire Boys Club

Known for their power maneuvers in the music industry, Sean “Jay-Z” Carter and Pharrell Williams have collaborated on several musical ventures in the past.

Now, the two forces are joining together again, but this time it will be outside of the studio and arena stages. According to a GQ exclusive, Jay-Z’s Rocawear has partnered up with Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club to manufacture and distribute BBC, thus further leveraging its success.

Though the full details of the partnership have not been fully disclosed, GQ is reporting that Pharrell will remain as the creative vision behind the BBC label while Jay-Z will use his business prowess to effectively market the brand. Read full story after the jump Read More »

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