Aug 06

DJ Khaled ft. Fabolous, Mary J. Blige & Jadakiss “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”

DJ Khaled’s second single off of, “We The Best Forever,” features Fabolous, Mary J. Blige & Jadakiss on, “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over.” Take a look at the video after the jump Read More »

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Aug 05

Spotted: Maravilla Motorcycle Events Orlando

Models, Motorcycles and Parties. What more can you ask for. I hit up a great event for all motorcycle lovers on November 9th hosted by Maravilla Productions. They have a stunt show where guys do things you should never do on bikes. Then they move on to the motorcycle show with the best in customs bikes awarded trophy’s and prizes. Finally you get to party with the 20 plus models at the after party for the all day event. Hit the jump to view the full gallery of pics and info on the next event Read More »

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Aug 05

Spotted: Blue Man Group Orlando

One of the perks of this job is comp tickets to various types of events. My curiosity definitely sparked when We recieved a few tickets to the Blue Man Group show. Immediately i asked different friends and colleagues who had seen the show what it was all about. To my suprise no one could give me an accurate account of what goes on at this venue. My curiosity then became ferocious. How could people have seen the show (some multiple visits) not be able to describe it? Well the answer is the Blue Man Show is so unique and strange it is difficult to assemble words to describe it properly but I’ll try.  Read full story after the jump Read More »

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Aug 05

Spotted: Oasis Cafe Ft Lauderdale Beach

Succulent seafood, key location, and outdoor appeal are just a few reasons to stop by Oasis Cafe Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Ft. Lauderdale Beach is sometimes over shadowed by its big brother Miami Beach only a half hour down the map but the great part about that is you can enjoy a more relaxing, less congested beach experience. Read more and see pics after the jump Read More »

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Aug 05

Spotted: Johnnies Hideaway Restaurant Orlando

Johnnie’s features USDA Prime & Choice steaks, dry aged on premises, fresh fish hand-cut daily, simply prepared with emphasis towards old Florida & floribbean cuisine and a fabulous raw bar with the emphasis on fresh, fresh, fresh & nostalgically cutting edge. All of the dishes were treats for the palate my favorite taste from our visit was the truffled portabello mushrooms with a hint of cayenne and parsley. Needless to say Johnnies will be seeing me again but more importantly its time they see you.  Read more and see pics after the jump Read More »

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Aug 05

GETWhipped: Bugatti Unveils New $1.4 Million 4-Door Family Car

Given the superlative nature and awesome speed of Bugatti’s already-legendary, 250-plus-mph Veyron supercar, interest in the manufacturer’s follow-up is intense. The company had previously gone on record as saying that its next model wouldn’t be a supercar, but details were scant—until now. In a recent article from the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer confirms that the new car will be in the vein of the controversial 16 C Galibier concept, which we examined (and this scribe didn’t particularly like) back in 2009. It will seat four and have a generous trunk, Dürheimer says; you can bet that a set of fitted luggage will be one of the pricey options. We care somewhat more about what’s fitted up front, of course, which the article claims will be a 16-cylinder powerplant, although output wasn’t mentioned. (The W-16 under the Galibier’s butterfly bonnet delivers a mere 800 hp, somewhat less than the 1001 churned up by the 8.0-liter W-16 in the mid-engine Veyron.) The Galibier concept is big, though, so don’t expect Veyron-esque, sub-three-second 0-to-60 sprints no matter how much carbon fiber and aluminum the new car contains. Interestingly, a hybrid model (presumably a plug-in) is on the docket as well, with an electric-only driving range of about 25 miles, according to Dürheimer. Read more and see pics after the jump Read More »

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Aug 05

GETPlugged: Gunmen Open Fire Into Bus In Philly (VIDEO)

MyFoxPhilly reports: Dramatic video shows gunmen shooting right into a Septa bus in Philadelphia and threatening passengers during an incident in July.

The case is heading to trial later this month but a preliminary hearing was held Thursday.

Four people will head to trial after Penny Chapman, allegedly upset that another passenger criticized her for spanking her child, called and asked for acquaintances to shoot at the passenger when the bus got to her stop.  Read full story and watch video after the jump Read More »

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