GET “TFOH”: Kreayshawn and V-Nasty of the White Girl Mob Diss Rick Ross

Kreayshawn and V-Nasty of the White Girl Mob know how to create controversy.

Already dealing with criticism over their use of the n-word, the two Oakland newcomers are taking on Rick Ross.

In a freestyle for Philadelphia DJ Cosmic Kev, Kreayshawn spit the line: “You tryin’ to play me like a boss? You faker than Rick Ross,” an obvious diss at the Maybach Music Boss.

Read more and watch video after the jumpWhen asked about the line by MTV several days later Kreayshawn backtracked, insisting she wasn’t dissing Ross.

I feel like with anything, you’re painting a picture. I’ve never, ever intentionally dissed anybody my whole career, and I don’t do that personally with friends either,”Kreayshawn said. “I’m not like a person to go against anyone or anything. So hey, no offense to you Rick Ross. There’s no Rick Ross offensive things going on in there, even though it sounds like it.”

Now a new video has surfaced showing Kreayshawn watching her MTV interview, then saying how she really feels about Rick Ross.

What I really wanted to say is Rick Ross is fake… wanksta,” she says. “Can Rick Ross find his d*ck? I bet you $5 Rick Ross can’t find his d*ck.”

V-Nasty clowns the rapper as well.

What’s he gonna say, that he’s got bigger t*ts than Kreayshawn?” she jokes.

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