GETDipped: 2013 Nike LeBron X All-Star


While the All-Star Game primarily serves as an opportunity for the league’s best players to compete under one roof, it’s also a big time for shoe companies to make some extra dough by rolling out special-edition shoes.

Nike will be looking to make a big splash with its premier athlete, and it definitely went all out in designing LeBron’s kicks for the event.

Since the game is taking place in the hometown of NASA, Nike decided to go with a space theme for James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. The Miami Heat star will be donning a special-edition “extraterrestrial” pair of the LeBron X’s for the game.

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They are not for the faint of heart.

If you’re simply judging the shoe by its ability to grab attention, this shoe is as efficient as James has been on the floor lately.

The usual colorways for the LeBron’s are eye-catching as it is, but the glittery purple version that LeBron will be wearing at the game kick it up a notch. The purple and orange color scheme provides an interesting contrast.

The orange and purple give the shoes a nice, spacy feel. If Nike wanted to create space boots that you can play basketball in, mission accomplished.

The shoe was definitely a bold choice by Nike, but when LeBron takes off in these, he’ll have the kids convinced there’s an anti-gravity component to the design.

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