GET”TFOH”: Tyga Being Sued Over Exposed Nipples in “Make It Nasty” Video


Tyga’s video vixens are lashing out at him … in the form of lawsuits — because at least three of the women — in his “Make it Nasty” music video — claim their nipples were exposed without their permission.

Alissa Rae Ross, Azia Davis, and Elizabeth Velasquez filed lawsuits today, claiming when they auditioned for their roles in the video … the casting ad specifically stated, “There will be NO nudity involved in the video, and all the girls will be tastefully shot.”

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Remember the name of the song is … “Make it Nasty.”

According to the suits, Velasquez, Davis, and Ross were asked during filming, on July 2, to appear topless in some scenes … but they were assured their nipples would be “covered” or “edited out.”

In the docs, the women claim they were advised the “dirty” version of the video would never be released, but then it popped up on Tyga’s Twitter account on July 28 — and lo and behold … their nipples were NOT covered.

The girls are suing for breach of contract, invasion of privacy, as well as fraud.

You can judge for yourself if they have a case — the explicit version of the video here

Post courtesy of TMZ
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