Video: Allen Iverson Talks Playing Russian Roulette With Adrien Broner


Adrien Broner is a former featherweight boxer who took the WBA’s welterweight belt after a split-decision on Saturday evening. He also fancies himself a bit of a filmmaker, as evidenced by this clip from his long and definitely not safe for work series entitled ‘About Billions.’

The film includes a cameo by former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson, who talks up playing Russian Roulette in a braggy-yet-sullen aside. Not only is the language not safe for work, but the despondent, distressing talk is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

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Iverson is not without troubles, sadly. He is reported to be dealing with financial woes, an alcohol problem, and a recent custody flare-up with his wife made headlines before being resolved. Iverson isn’t depicted as being worse for wear or lacking funds in this clip, but it’s certainly not a cheery back and forth, and we hope that the dialogue is one percent posturing, with no substance behind it.

Story via YahooSports

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