Video: President Barack Obama Shouts Out Young Jeezy at Correspondents Dinner

My President is black, but we already knew that even before Young Jeezy uttered those words almost 4 years ago. With the upcoming election, or re-election, the President is in full campaign swing. One of the events on that campaign trail was The White House Correspondents Dinner, which ended a few hours ago, and since then, the Hip Hop community has been ablaze on Twitter about one of the closing lines in the President’s speech where our 44th President shouted out Hip Hop’s Smowman Young Jeezy. Read what his exact words were below and watch the clip after the jump

THE PRESIDENT: In my first term, I sang Al Green; in my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy.
THE PRESIDENT: Michelle said, yeah. I sing that to her sometimes.

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