Video: UK Goons Run Cam’Ron Out Of London


Reports are saying Cam’Ron was ran out of a London show before ever touching the stage last night. Earlier this year the Harlem rapper announced a show at London’s The Forum on June 3rd, his first London show in a decade. According to sources from inside the venue, Killa never made it to the stage at all. I’m surprised Cam even went to London considering Juelz Santana & JR Writer were held hostage in London back in 2008 by some London goons over a no-show (Watch Video).  Read full story after the jump

Allegedly Cam’ron had an outstanding debt with Megaman of UK Hip Hop group So Solid Crew and it was time to pay up. Their beef stems from an alleged no-show by Cam a few years back. Cam was paid to perform but never showed up, an apparent on going issue with people in the Dipset camp taking money for shows and not delivering the acts. Last night, Megaman showed up at the venue demanding a face to face with Cam’ron. Sources are reporting a scuffle took place and Cam left the venue due to lack of security. The London goons ran on stage and back stage, ransacking the place and smashing equipment. Reports on whether Cam was personally jacked or kidnapped like Juelz seem to be false at the moment. The Forum was closed early and the crowed were asked to evacuate the building. Police soon followed.

Dipset has really got to stay out of London until they pay back all their debts.

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