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Sep 09

GETWhipped: 50 Exotic Autos of Nikki Beach St. Tropez

Any given day in St Tropez’s Nikki Beach area can turn into and exotic car show. SLR McLaren, Noble M12 GTO, Murcielago 6.2L, 8C Competizione, matte black Aventador, orange MP4-12C, 458 Spider, DBS, Vanquish S, Gallardo LP560-4 are just a … Read More

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Sep 07

GETWhipped: Mercedes 300SL ‘Gull-Winged Bird of Prey’ Concept

The visual drama only a Mercedes Benz can pull off is embodied in this modern re-interpretation of the 300SL grand tourer convertible. It shares the same DNA as its predecessor maintaining the characteristic gullwing doors the long nose, low roof, wide stance…all … Read More

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Aug 24

GETWhipped: Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Aviator

This week Rolls-Royce has debuted the Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection at Pebble Beach. The super limited version of the Phantom Coupe is only expected to be produced 35 times. The limited edition version celebrates Charles Stewart Rolls – Rolls-Royce co-founder … Read More

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