GETDipped: iPhone 5S Will Release September 20th, Followed By Low-Cost iPhone 6


The iPhone 5S release date has been leaked as September 20, and the iPhone 6 will follow weeks later, according to Forbes. The move coincides with the launch of iOS 7, which will be available on September 18.

Analysts feel that the iPhone 6 will come within weeks of the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6, however, will be the low-cost option being made available by Apple. Previously, the iPhone 5S had been tabbed as the low-cost option. The phone will have a plastic casing, allowing users multiple colors options.

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The iPhone 5S will likely include a better camera, dual-LED flash, a new Apple-designed CPU, and a new fingerprint scanner embedded in the Home button that would make passwords on the device redundant.

Apple would then release a new iPad and iPad mini this Christmas – and perhaps even an iWatch and/or new Apple TV.

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