GETPlugged: Big Meech Says T.I. Is No Snitch “I Put Me & The Whole B.M.F. Family Life On The Line That T.I. Clifford Harris Is A 100% Solid Authentic Dude.”

In October 2007, T.I. was arrested by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) after buying three machine guns and two silencers from undercover officers. A subsequent search of his home turned up six more firearms.

He was charged with felony offenses of possession of unregistered machine guns [and silencers] and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

In March 2008 Tip was sentenced to a year and a day in prison after a Georgia judge accepted a plea deal negotiated between his lawyer and U.S. Attorney David Nahmias.

Read full story and Big Meech letter from jail after the jumpT.I. was released from prison in March 2009. Ever since then there has been speculation by some that he snitched in order to get such a light sentence. A charge the rapper has denied.

A new supporter is speaking out on the Grand Hustle CEO’s behalf. Big Meech of the Black Mafia Family (B.M.F.), who is himself currently incarcerated wrote a letter to StraightFromTheA defending Tip, proclaimg the rapper is not a snitch.

What’s “Craccin”

I must get straight to the point because I personally have a problem with people assassinating a real stand up dude character, namely T.I., talking about he a “SNITCH” when we are living in the information era and there is absolutely no public record of this man being a “SNITCH.”

There is no person in the Federal or State system that can say or saying that “T.I. Clifford Harris” snitched on them.

I’m tired of people spraying his name when his plea deal and sentencing transcripts is “ONLINE.” You pay $40 to get on “Pacer” and you have access to all court documents on any person in the “UNITED STATES.”

They also show you any motions or appeals that’s filed within a 48 hour period. The government would never hide the fact that T.I. is a snitch because they would want the world to know that they broke him like they broke Sammy the Bull, Nicky Barnes, Rayful Edmunds, Alpo, and Frank Lucas, who snitched on his own family members.

As far as the Ohio incident in which his friend Philant got killed, Tip was subpoenaed to court and only said a van pulled alongside and started shooting. He DID NOT see the shooter or who was shooting. From my understanding, the shooters own brother snitched on HIM.

To sum it up, I put me… “THE REAL BIG MEECH” and the whole “B.M.F.” family life on the line that “T.I. Clifford Harris” is a “100% Solid Authentic Dude.”

“Loyalty is not just a word it’s a LIFESTYLE”

With respect n’ much love,

The REAL BIG Meech

“Last of a DEAD Breed”
B.M.F. 4 Life

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