GETPlugged: DMX Will Fight George Zimmerman


It’s happening: DMX is set to fight child-murderer George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match, according to TMZ. Just last week Zimmerman announced that he was looking for an opponent to join him in the ring for a 3 round “celebrity” boxing match. He claims that any proceeds he receives from the fight, in the event that he wins, will be donated to charity. I don’t know that the NRA counts as a “charity” Georgie Porgie, but I guess you can sort that out with the IRS.

Read full article after the jumpYonkers, NY native Earl “DMX” Simmons, never one to back down from a challenge, and like most Black Americans possessed with a seething hatred of George Zimmerman and everything that he represents, promptly tossed his hat into the ring. He says he’s going to “beat the living fuck out him” and has promised to piss on Zimmerman’s face after he pummels him into submission.

Words can not express how happy I am that this is happening.

Is it sad that this is the state of American race relations in the year 2014? Incredibly so. And it’s going to get ugly. The racists are going to be out in full force to support their poster boy. But hey, it’s happening, so we may as well root for the good guy. Or at least the guy representing the side that doesn’t condone racism and child murder. Close enough.

You’re gonna have to go out there and represent for Yonkers Earl. Plus, you’ve got Black America on your back, so failure is not an option.

Godspeed sir.

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