GETPlugged: G Dep Gets Sentenced To 15 Years To Life In Murder Case

Earlier this morning G. Dep, whose real name is Trevell Coleman, was sentenced to the minimum of 15 years to life after being found guilty of second degree murder. In December of 2010, G. Dep walked into the NYPD’s 25th Precinct to confess to a murder he committed 17 years prior. After the trial, the Harlem rapper who was once signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label, spoke to MTV about the trial’s outcome:

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“However it went down, it was just one of them things where I knew I was facing some type of charge, so whatever the verdict was, I knew it was God’s will. You know, someone was taken from [the Henkel] family, so I can’t feel like I was robbed in any kind of way, I just want to thank everyone that was involved in the case”.

Good luck G. Dep & hold your head.

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