GETPlugged: Juelz Santana Arrested for Making Terrorist Threats

Juelz Santana was arrested for the third time this week in a series of past arrests in just a little over a year. However, instead of the usual drugs and alcohol, the rapper was arrested in New Jersey on suspicion of making terrorist threats, according to TMZ.

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We’re not exactly sure what these threats were, but police told TMZ that was booked for disorderly conduct. Juelz wouldn’t let police search his car (for what exactly? We don’t know) but his car was later impounded. He was released hours after his arrest on $46,500 bail and did the one thing kids these days do. He took to his Twitter to vent.

“Police impounded my Bentley so I guess I gotta bring the rose out! F**k they thought that was my only car lol. My car was parked an they asked to search it. An I said no. So they locked me up an said will get a judge search warrant.”

Back in January, police raided his recording studio in New Jersey following a 10-month investigation. The next month, he was arrested for possessing a gun, alcohol and drugs. Then in March, he was stopped by the police yet again outside of Chris Brown’s record release party where he was supposed to perform. He was not arrested but did miss the performance.

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