GETPlugged: Marc Anthony Tells JLo That Her 24 Yr Old Boy Toy Isn’t Allowed To Drive His Kids Anywhere

Marc has subsequently told J to the L-o that her 24 year old boo Casper Smart (who has been arrested for drag racing and had warrants out for his arrest) is banned from driving their toddler twins.

Smart, 24, has been arrested twice — for speeding and driving on a suspended license. Smart has also had three warrants issued for his arrest for failure to appear at required court hearings related to his arrests. Smart was ordered to appear on January 5, 2012, for a sentencing and probation hearing in Van Nuys, California.

Read full article after the jumpMarc Anthony “went ballistic when he found out about Casper’s criminal record. He explicitly told Jen that Casper wasn’t allowed to drive their children anywhere. Marc hates the fact that Casper is spending time with Max and Emme. Marc is extremely jealous, and doesn’t think Jen is using good judgement when it comes to Casper,” a source tells us.

Even though Marc and Jennifer haven’t formally filed for divorce yet, the Latin superstar told the American Idol judge he would take legal action if he went against his instructions. “This wasn’t a threat that Marc gave Jen. He will go straight to family court if he needs to get a judge involved to make sure Casper doesn’t get behind the wheel with his kids in the car,” the insider says.

Anthony refused to shoot his Latin reality TV show with his soon-to-be ex-wife because of her new relationship with her young backup dancer, as reported in the current issue of Star Magazine.

“Marc and J.Lo had a tense conference call when she was in Morocco. Inevitably, their discussion boiled down to her new boyfriend (Smart) and Marc made the decision not to work with Jennifer last week as a result,” the insider told Star.

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