GETPlugged: Nicki Minaj Discusses Grammy Performance, Religious Theme & Madonna (Audio)

Nicki Minaj made a spectacle at Sunday evening’s (February 12) 54th Grammy Awards, showing up with a Pope look-alike on her arm on the red carpet and debuting “Roman Holiday” during a … unique performance.

Since then, Twitter has been blowing up and so have blogs … and she finally discussed what the whole religious theme for her outfit and performance was all about, during an interview with Ryan Seacrest Monday morning (February 13).

During their chat, Nicki revealed that the Grammy organization actually picked “Roman Holiday” for her performance (see here ) … and that her performance makes sense to her fans because the storyline has been told over the past two years.

Read more and listen to the audio after the jumpShe also discussed her Super Bowl performance alongside Madonna, as well as M.I.A. middle finger to the cameras.

Below is some quotes from the interview, as well as the audio below (via

On walking the red carpet with a Pope look-alike: “The religious figure is there because he was called on by Roman’s mom to rehabilitate him.”

On her performance of “Roman Holiday”: “I had this vision for him to be sort of exorcised — or actually he never gets exorcised—but people around him tell him he’s not good enough because he’s not normal, he’s not blending in with the average Joe. And so his mother is scared and the people around him are afraid because they’ve never seen anything like him. He wanted to show that not only is he amazing and he’s sure of himself and confident, but he’s never gonna change, he’s never gonna be exorcised. Even when they throw the holy water on him, he still rises above.”

On creating the Roman mini-movie with Hype Williams: “I wanted to create a movie. I reached out to a great friend of mine, Hype Williams, to create the movie. I just wanted him to be in this monastery and I wanted to see him in his comfort zone. It’s funny because it’s the most comfortable I’ve been on stage in my entire life.”

On why she chose “Roman Holiday” for the Grammys: “The Grammys chose ‘Roman Holiday.’ The producers of the Grammys came to the studio and I played them ‘Roman Holiday,’ and I could not play them another record after they heard that. They went crazy. I could have chosen to do a no-brainer pop song, but I can’t do it anymore. I have to stay true to what I’m doing.”

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