GETPlugged: Paula Patton Covers Complex Magazine

We saw Drake covered one side of the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Complex, but today the flipside cover plus story was released and it featured the beautiful Paula Patton discussing her upcoming role in the new Mission:Impossible movie. Check out what she had to say about working with Tom Cruise for the first time and check video after the jump

He made me feel comfortable; he was so kind. At first I felt like I shouldn’t waste my time, because I just didn’t see how they’d actually cast me. I didn’t think of myself being hired to be in this. Then they kept calling, so I figured, “OK, I have nothing to lose. It would be cool to be a spy. [Laughs.] And it’d be amazing to work with Tom. If they’re calling, there has to be a reason—you have to have more faith in yourself.” So they called and said that they wanted me to do a chemistry read with Tom, and it was like no screen test I’d ever done before. I had my trailer, and the test was on a big soundstage in Paramount. It felt very “old Hollywood.” It was very exciting. I had to learn how to disarm a gun a little bit—or at least be able to fake it—that same day!

Read the rest of the story on Complex.

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