GETPlugged: RGIII Responds to Donovan McNabb’s Comments

There seems to be Robert Griffin III content exploding all over the Internet right now, from his 17-part interview with Comcast SportsNet to the cover shots for ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated to a boatload of content The Post is getting ready to publish.

Here’s something I haven’t seen elsewhere, though: SI’s Don Banks talked with Griffin at length about his future in D.C., and asked him about Donovan McNabb’s contention that Mike Shanahan was not a good fit for RGIII.

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“All respect to Donovan McNabb, he had a great career,” Griffin told Banks. “He was one of my dad’s [favorite] quarterbacks when he was a Philly fan. He’s not a Philly fan any more, because I’m about to get drafted. But what [McNabb] said probably did come from a place of just bad taste. He had a bad taste in his mouth from his experience with Coach Shanahan, and I understand that. He never said anything bad about me, he was just trying to warn me, trying to say, ‘Don’t let egos get in the way.’

“But that’s part of the job at quarterback, to be able to manage different types of egos and different types of people. So I’m looking forward to going up there and managing whatever it is that needs to be managed. All respect to Donovan, but it just didn’t work out for him in Washington, and that’s why he thought it didn’t work out.”

Pretty deft answer, for a not-yet-rookie. You should read the whole story, because there’s a lot of D.C. talk.

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