GETPlugged: Terrell Owens Dishes On Split With Kita & Mo: ‘Friends Aren’t Your Friends’

Terrell Owens seems to have a laundry list of bad karma; broke, unemployed, no friends and tons of baby mama drama. According to an interview that was published in GQ last week, he delivered the shocking news that he has lost at least 80 million dollars throughout his career due to putting his money in the hands of people who didn’t have his best interest at heart and that he is no longer speaking to his friends publicists Mo and Kita, co-stars of ‘The TO Show’. But what happened?

During the sit down, he admitted that he missed the girls but he felt as though they were trying to use him to become more than just PR Reps. He also claims they were trying to create a show centered around their own lives without telling him about it and when he inquired they said they had planned to make him a business partner.

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Hip Hollywood recently caught up with Terrell after the GQ interview was published to ask him what the current situation is with Mo and Kita and whether or not he felt as though they could kiss and make up.

“Well, you know, things happened and I have to fend for myself now. Anything going forward from here on I can only take full 100% responsibility for that. Now I can’t rely on anybody else to say that they’re gonna do things for me and then it doesn’t happen, so I can’t blame them. So, from here — from this point on I really have to fend for myself and my family and that’s what’s most important for me.”

Will you guys talk or ever be friends again?
“Who knows, but right now like I said I have no desire to. Again, there’s a lot of things that have happened throughout the course of the year, and obviously the icing on the cake was when my grandmother passed, that was it for me. I think that some of the things that she instilled in me and some of the things that she taught me along the way are some of the things that I’m experiencing now. Friends aren’t your friends. They have their own ulterior motives. You can’t call those so-called friends, so right now, I have no qualms about expressing my displeasure in things that have happened. It is what it is.”

It will be interesting to see what Mo & Kita have to say about this. It’s hard to believe TO is willing to walk away from a steady paycheck (the show -which they created) at this point. Meanwhile, he just scored a big break when it comes to his baby mamas who were sucking him dry. According to reports, he was originally ordered to pay $5,000-$20,000 a month for each child (four total) which was putting him in a financial bond, however a judge recently came up with a payment plan for T.O. that are way more affordable and reflect the money he is currently making (which isn’t much)

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