GETPlugged: Venus Williams Diagnosed With Sjogren’s Syndrome

Tennis star Venus Williams has be diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, a chronic auto-immune disease that causes white blood cells attack a person’s moisture-producing glands. Symptoms include fatigue, dry eyes & mouth, and joint pain. The disease has prompted Venus to pull out of the U.S. Open, hours before her second match. Read full story after the jumpVenus showed up hours before her match to begin warming up, unfortunately she did not feel well enough to continue. According to a statement released by Venus she hopes to return to the court soon.  “I enjoyed playing my first match here, and wish I could continue but right now I am unable to. I am thankful I finally have a diagnosis and am now focused on getting better and returning to the court soon.”

The GETURSWURVE team hopes Venus gets well soon.

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