Video: Jay-Z: I’d Be Willing To Pay More Taxes For ‘The Things That Mattered’

Warren Buffet, the investment wizard who is also one of the world’s wealthiest men, has long advocated for higher taxes on the superrich. Now Jay-Z, Buffett’s pal and himself a member of the upper tier of the 1 percent, is joining him.

“Me, personally, I wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes if it went to the things that really mattered,” he said to CNN. “If it went to education, to people in poverty, I wouldn’t mind.”

Read more and check the video after the jumpAdded Hov, “I think most people with a conscience, with some integrity and moral fiber wouldn’t have any problem paying more taxes.”

Last month, Jay-Z came under fire when his clothing label, Rocawear, began selling t-shirts which read “Occupy All Streets.” But revenue from the shirts’s sales were not going to support the Occupy protesters, and critics said the rap superstar was cynically profiting from the movement.

Jay-Z is the latest in a line of superrich Americans who’ve said the government should tax them more. A lobbying group, Patriotic Millionaires For Fiscal Strength, say that the rich have benefited disproportionally from the government’s tax policies, and have pressed Congress to raise marginal rates on the wealthy. “We think that like other Americans, we love this country, and that those in the upper one percent have been treated too good for their own sake,” said Garrett Gruener, a member of the group. “We think it’s time to give back.”

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