GET “TFOH”: 50 Cent Disses Lil Wayne for Skating and Wearing Tight Pants

50 Cent is on his grind lately. He’s been promoting Street King Energy, writing books about bullying, and of course supplying music on the regular. His newest song is called “Love, Hate, Love,” and 50 calls it “Hate It Or Love It Pt. 2.” Although he’s been focusing on positivity with most of his recent moves, 50 still isn’t afraid to toss out a couple of shots.  Check out the bars after the jump

To Lil Wayne:

“Actin’ like a white boy, bored / Now you trying to jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard / Nigga, why the fuck your pants so tight? / You tryin’ to show niggas your ass, your alternative life?”

To Game:

“You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot / It’s been a while so I’m guessin’ you must’ve forgot / Once again you forget, ain’t that some shit? You forgot about me, bitch I wrote your hits”

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