GET “TFOH”: Beanie Sigel Hit With More Jail Time


Bad news for Beans. A Pennsylvania judge yesterday sentenced Sigel to 6 to 23 months at the county prison in Concord, PA for the drug charges he caught last Summer when a car he was riding in was stopped on I-95. At the time, he was found to be in possession of codeine syrup and pills for which he had no prescription.

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Beans’ co-defendent Gerald Andrews was driving the vehicle and had an illegal firearm in his posession at the time of his arrest. Andrews was also sentenced yesterday to 30 to 60 months. At the time of the traffic stop, Sigel was preparing to turn himself to start serving a 2 year sentence on unrelated federal tax evasion charges. His attorney reportedly struck a deal with the prosecutor to have this posession sentence run concurrently with the tax charges, but the judge says that will be up to the Feds.

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