GET “TFOH”: Chris Brown & Drake Brawl in NYC

According to our sources singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake were involved in a altercation tonight in a New York famed nightclub. Club goers are reporting that Drake approached Chris Brown just before the end of the night. Sources says the fight stems from an ongoing argument over Rihanna. “There were bottles being thrown from Drake’s entourage and some say they saw Meek Mills also throw a punch at Chris,” the source adds, “I wasn’t able to see it all but it did not look good for Chris.”

Read more of the story and check the picture of Chris Brown face after the jumpThe party was to honor the birthday of a few industry favorites with attendance by Ne-Yo, Drake, Maxwell, Julez, Mary J.Blige, Meek Mill, Trey Songz and Maino. Chris Brown recently tweeted about the part but the tweets were later deleted.

Taking to Twitter he wrote: “N*ggas throwing bottles! Y’all n*ggaz weak!

“Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol.

“N*ggas is pussy,” he added.


“How u party with a rich n*gga that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

However, he has since removed all the tweets from his page.

Rumors are rife on Twitter that rappers Meek Mill and Drake – who Chris collaborated with on the single Yamaha Mamma – were involved in the brawl but nothing has been confirmed.

Chris has had beef with Meek Mill in the past, as they recently had a Twitter spat after Chris found out Meek had been romancing his ex Rihanna.

Meek started it off after he tweeted, but deleted: “You took me off ya song cause she let me watch the throne #dreamsandnightmares,” which referenced Rihanna joining Kanye West and Jay-Z on stage.

Chris responded: “She’s a dream chaser! There are a lot of dream chasers so she’ll be running forever,” to which Meek replied: “Dese chicks belong to the game… not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!”

At this point, Drake then got involved, and Chris concluded it all by saying: “Id like to send the bullshit a BIG F**K YOU from the bottom of my ballz! Lol.. Real nigga! Goodnight!”

***New info from eye witness****

Drake’s people approached Chris cause he wouldn’t dance to Drake’s song… Chris said man I’m chillin with my girl…

Drake’s security lined up in front of Chris took off their shirts to prepare to do something to Chris … Drake jumped up behind security talking shit to Chris, then bottles started flying…
They threw shot glasses and bottles, meanwhile Chris was still trying to fight Drake… Drake ran to bathroom cause Chris still wanted action

The whole thing was caught on camera, Hip-Hop police are considering Chris the victim and looking for Drake. They believe Drake planned this.

8 people were hurt and are considering action against Drake.

Meek Mill reached out to Chris to make sure he was OK…

Trey Songz, Fabolous, were all in the building…

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