GET “TFOH”: Lil Wayne: “F*ck The Heat, F*ck Lebron, F*ck ‘Shewayde’ And I F*cked Chris Bosh Wife” (Video)


According to present attendees MTV’s Shaheem Reid and Karen Civil, Weezy went on an epic rant last night during a birthday celebration for YMCMB head honcho Birdman. And like all epic rants, this one was laced with profanity and straight disrespect. The rapper led a “f*ck the Miami Heat” chant, voiced his disdain for the Big 3 and confessed to bedding Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne.

The Miami Heat weren’t the only ones on Wayne’s sh*t list either. Tunechi also attacked the NBA for allegedly banning him from all NBA events at the behest of the Heat organization.

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