GET “TFOH”: Philadelphia Police Officer That Meek Mill Is Suing Has Been Producing Fake Documents


Back in January Meek Mill filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia police department stating, he was illegally being held by arresting officers, Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas. According to court documents, Meek Mill claims that the illegal arrest caused him to lose a deposit on a private jet, as well as income from a show.

It’s been bought to the attention of the media and judges that one of the officers, Andre Boyer, “In the interest of productivity (900 arrests in less than two years) he cut some clerical corners.” Words from his own mouth, Boyer is known to frisk everyone, in every car, that he’s ever stopped.

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Looks like Meek has a really high probability chance of winning this one. “It will have an effect on the case,” Meek Mill’s lawyer Dennis Cogan said. “We’re talking about institutional indifference.” The hearing for the case will be held April 28th, so we’ll see what happens.

Drop down bottom to see what officer, Boyer is doing in retaliation of these allegations.

Since being outed, officer Andre Boyer has decided to sue the city of Philadelphia as well. Boyer claims that his reputation has been tainted due to the falsifying records allegations. He hopes to get $200,000 if he wins.

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