GET “TFOH”: Vanessa and Kobe Snapped Kissing On Valentine’s Day

Maybe things between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant aren’t so bad after all.

They didn’t get a whole lot of help from Kobe, but the Los Angeles Lakers were able to beat the Atlanta Hawks at the Staples Center on Tuesday night. After the game, Kobe happened to bump into Vanessa on his way to the locker room.

After they bumped into one another, they shared a kiss. TMZ has the scoop.

This, my friends, would be the plot thickening before our very eyes.

It was reported by TMZ back in December that Vanessa had filed for divorce from Kobe because he apparently cheated on her too much. The divorce is far from being final, though, and sources have told TMZ that it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Kobe and Vanessa ended up back together.

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That may very well be in the cards, but this is something that Kobe really needs to think about. His heart may be telling him one thing, but he will invariably conclude that this divorce is for the best if he thinks with his head.

The truth is that the bridge between Kobe and Vanessa has been burned to the ground in the last couple of months. Some Tiger Woods-like details have come out about Kobe’s personal life, and there’s been all sorts of drama about the ugly financial ramifications of this divorce. The whole thing has been like something out of a bad soap opera.

Reconciling would mean pushing all this aside and ignoring it like it never happened, which is impossible. If Kobe and Vanessa do get back together, the drama that they went through these past few months will be an elephant in the room for the rest of their days.

It would be one thing if Kobe’s career was suffering as a result of this divorce, but it’s not. He’s having his best season in years, and he’s keeping the Lakers afloat more or less single-handedly.

Instead of believing that he can fix things and make them the way they were, Kobe’s better off just moving on.

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