GET “TFOH”: Vanessa Bryant Awarded Three Mansions And $75M In Kobe Divorce

Vanessa Bryant may have intentionally remained in a loveless marriage to Kobe Bryantafter she considered divorce four years ago, but it turned out that a measly four years of misery equaled to three mansions and $75 million. Not a bad deal, right?

Vanessa Bryant was awarded all three of Kobe’s Newport Beach mansions PLUS $75 million of his estimated $150 million net worth in the property settlement of their divorce. See pictures of the mansions below.

According to TMZ the settlement agreement has been signed and Vanessa now has full ownership of the mansion the couple once shared, the home her mother lives in and the new estate that was under construction for two years and just finished being built.

Read the full article after the jumpIt was previously believed Vanessa would walk away with only two mansions and Kobe would keep the unfinished home, however in the end, Vanessa took all three. After announcing their shocking divorce last year, the Los Angeles Lakers star insisted he was more than prepared to offer Vanessa whatever she needed to make it an amicable process. There were rumors Kobe wanted to reconcile for the sake of their two daughters but after new rumors emerged with Vanessa accusing Kobe of sleeping with over 105 women – the reconciliation was shelved for good.

Vanessa Lynne Bryant securely holds the mantle for how to score a big win in a Hollywood divorce. As news of the divorce settlement sink in – the debate rages on whether Vanessa deserved half of Kobe’s net worth plus the three mansions. What do you think?

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