GET “TFOH”: Woman Alleges Sixers’ Nick Young Drugged & Raped Her


UPDATE: Yesterday news broke about a Jane Doe suing Philadelphia Sixer Nick Young for an undisclosed amount of money because she says he drugged and raped her in 2011. It seems in just 24 hours the story has gotten crazier. There were many holes in the story and one of the many questions asked was ‘Why didn’t she go to the police?’ Apparently she did, but even they thought the story was shifty.


According to TMZ


She’s filed a civil lawsuit, but now we’re learning shortly after the alleged incident, she went to LAPD cops who dismissed her claim because her story didn’t make sense.  What’s more … law enforcement says at the time she went to cops, she was already talking about a lawsuit, and that made them even more suspicious.

We’re told the woman subsequently made financial demands on Nick — to either pay up or face a lawsuit.

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So there were holes from the beginning, and even worse was making financial demands then. This is starting to get weird. Whether the LAPD believed the story or not, they still have to file a report so I’d like to know the reason there wasn’t one. I’d also love to here from the alleged friend who was at the club with Jane Doe and let her walk out the club knowing she wasn’t in her right mind.
Original Story

According to a lawsuit filed anonymously by “Jane Doe” a young woman alleges that she was roofied and subsequently raped vaginally and anally by Philadelphia 76er Nick Young back in 2011. The young woman says the events started at Crown Bar in West Hollywood when she was given a drink by the NBA Star that she says later contained GHB.

According to TMZ

The woman filed the lawsuit anonymously under the name Jane Doe, claiming she ran into Young at Crown Bar in West Hollywood … and he bought her and her friend champagne.

According to the suit, the woman’s recollection of the evening ceased shortly after she downed the drink … and she believes it’s because Young had slipped the date rape drug gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) into it.

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The woman claims she woke up the next morning in Young’s bed, bleeding from her vagina and rectum.She says Young admitted to having sex with her the night before, but claimed he stopped because she passed out.

According to the suit, the woman demanded to be taken home by Young — he obliged — and she beelined for the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, where she took a rape kit and was tested for STDs. She claims a test at the center confirmed she had been drugged, and determined the injuries to her vagina and rectum were consistent with rape.

Following the hospital treatment, the woman says she’s continued to undergo psychiatric evaluations.She’s suing Young for sexual battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, and more — demanding unspecified damages. She’s also suing Crown Bar for negligence.


Something in the milk isn’t clean. I won’t say this didn’t happen because stranger things have but a few things did happen to stand out to me. There’s the fact that this happened 2 years ago and Jane Doe never went to the police. She got a rape kit, but never went to the police. There’s also the fact that she’s suing Nick Young and the club, but again, never took action to have Young arrested to pay for his crime. If Young did do this, that is easily the end of his career.


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