GET “TFOH”: Woman Arrested After Burning Down Her Friend’s House For Unfriending Her On Facebook

A Des Moines, Iowa, woman has been arrested after setting her former best friend’s house on fire following a dispute on Facebook.

Jennifer Christine Harris, 30, was arrested on a charge of first-degree arson, with a bond set at $100,000.

Harris stands accused of setting fire to the house of Jim and Nikki Rasmussen, after Nikki unfriended her on Facebook.

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The two had a out due to a party they were planning for Harris. When plans for the party fell apart, Harris started making derogatory comments about Rasmussen. That’s when Rasmussen made the decision to block her.

I unfriended her and blocked her so I couldn’t see what she was saying,” Rasmussen told the Des Moines Register. “But we have mutual friends who could see it.

The fire damage caused the Rasmussen’s garage to collapse.

Harris had been a teacher’s associate at Smouse Elementary School in Des Moines. She was placed on unpaid leave following the incident.

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