GET “TFOH”: Young Buck’s Vehicle Hit 11 Times In Drive-By Shooting, Rapper Ok

Rapper Young Buck walked away from a drive-by shooting relatively unscathed on Sunday morning (March 4), after his vehicle was riddled with bullets in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to local news station WSMV 4, the rapper (real name: David Brown) was driving his SUV home from a nightclub at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday when a white Chevy Tahoe drove past and opened fire.

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Buck’s vehicle was hit by 11 bullets and the rapper was not hit, but his girlfriend Kenyetta Raine was grazed by a shot which struck her in the shoulder.

Rainey was treated and released at nearby Vanderbilt Hospital. Another passenger in the SUV was not injured.

Police told the WSMV that prior to the shooting, Rainey and Buck were involved in a heated argument with other people at the night club La Bamba in South Nashville.

The couple left the club, but so did the people they had argued with.

Buck had held a cookout for fans during a video shoot Saturday afternoon (March 3) along Ashland City Highway.

The rapper’s camp have not commented on the shooting as of press time.

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