GETPlugged: Investigation Launched Into Broner/Maidana Cheating Allegations


On Monday after a video clip surfaced, a lot of fans were talking about the possibility that Maidana was given a stimulant DURING the fight against Broner — which would be considered cheating (check out the clip here).  Well now an official investigation has been launched.  The boxing commission should reveal the results of the investigation in 1-2 days.  Read more after the jumpVia TMZ:

Adrien Broner got his ass beat and his welterweight title stripped in a stunning loss to Marcos Maidana this Saturday … but TMZ Sports has learned, there’s now a full-blown investigation into allegations of cheating.

Sources close to “the Problem” tell us … the Texas Boxing Commission is now analyzing video of the fight which some say shows Maidana taking what looks like a pill during the WBA welterweight championship fight last Saturday.

The rules are so strict …even water needs to be tested prior to a fight before the boxer can consume it.  Pills and any other substance for that matter are off limits.

Broner — who was previously undefeated — says the loss hasn’t shattered his ego … he’s confident the investigation will prove Maidana cheated.

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