GET”TFOH”: Drake Fired His Entire Management Team To Get Off Young Money

It was reported today that Toronto’s Very Own, Drake fired his entire management team which includes Cortez Bryant, Gee Roberson, Al Branch and Kyambo Joshua (Hip Hop Since 1978). It’s also rumored that Drake cut his ties with J.Prince as well. How does all of this hold over with Young Money, and more importantly Lil Wayne? Well our good friend Jacky Jaspermay have the answer.

Read full story after the jumpHere’s what an insider told the New York Post:

“Drake just felt like there were too many hands in his pockets. He was getting pulled in too many different directions.”

Did Drake also terminate the management company Hip Hop Since 1978? Of course he did and Lil Wayne is pissed. Know why? Because one of the managers from the company Hip Hop Since 1978 Cortez Bryant groomed Drake into the superstar that he is today mane.

Don’t believe me? Checkout Lil Wayne’s tweet about his sweetheart Drake.

Story courtesy of balleralert
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