GET”TFOH”: Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Protesting On The Streets of Chicago Mistaken For Homelessness


Photos emerged of Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siovaughn on the streets of downtown Chicago, which provoked assumptions that she was homeless.  In actuality, Siovaughn was sitting in front of the Daley Center, where most child support cases take place, protesting for her rights as a mother.

Although her signs caused a bit of confusion, in footage that has appeared on the web, she was actually speaking out on the treatment that she has received since losing her kids in a custody battle.  She claims that all types of things are going on behind-the-scenes, including Dwyane recently enrolling her sons in a basketball academy that coincidentally has games that take place during the court-appointed time she has scheduled with the kids. When they travel to Chicago to see her, he schedules them for extracurricular activities that take up 8-9 hours a day of the time she is supposed to have with them.

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She also revealed that her lawyer recently went behind her back and dropped the million dollar lawsuit she had filed against D. Wade and this is the second time he has done this.  The first is when she filed an STD claim.  You can guess who she says pays her lawyers

From the outside looking in, this whole situation is a lose-lose for Siohvaughn.  Since she’s protesting (which is what people do when they want their voices heard), she’s going to be filed in the “oh, she’s crazy”  or “she’s having a meltdown” box.  No matter what she does to try to get her voice heard, she is dealing with someone who has far more money, power and respect than she does which means she’s already working against a bias that’s not in her favor.

By the way, she says in the video, she doesn’t want any money.

It sounds as though she is just trying to fight for her rights as a mother.

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