GU Exclusive: Burst Project Art Fair 2011- Special Invitation Opening Preview

Remember when we said the festivities surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 week had started off with a bang?  Well, here’s more.  Our first art exhibition experience took place at the Burst Project Art Fair 2011’s special invitation opening preview night, which was hosted at the newly refurbished Art Deco Center on South Beach’s world-famous Ocean Drive.  Burst was created especially to feature emerging artists from around the world and the art – ranging from paintings, surreal pop art, sculptures, video art, and photography – definitely offered something for everyone.
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One of the unique features of this project is that Miami Beach is only the beginning.  It expands from Ocean Dive to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District  including two double-decker buses that are wrapped with original art from Carlos Cruz-Diez that will travel between Miami Beach and Miami’s Wynwood Arts District – providing art lovers a colorful way to easily travel between the art events happening in Miami Beach and Wynwood.
A great part of the opening preview night is that many of the artists were present and accessible, which provided an in depth view into the art we viewed.  We were particularly intrigued by David Gil – a Parisian multi-media artist – whose Color Theory display is thought provoking and, by certain standards, downright shocking.  His video display features graphic scenes of, among other things, naked models, Russian roulette, and blood.  For the faint at heart, the guns and blood were fake, but Gil explained that, in a world conquered by TV, the purpose of his art is to push people to question norms and conventional thinking.  An interesting concept and unique art form indeed…
Photography Courtesy of N.E. Shotz Photography
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