GU Exclusive: Iggy Azalea – No Gimmicks Necessary

Iggy has recently made waves with her signing to Interscope this week. Constant comparisons to Nicki Minaj seem to have mixed with a wildy dedicated and diverse following to add controversy to her entrance into the game. Ignorant Art Mixtape also dropped this week so download it here for your introduction to the “Aussie Barbie”.

Venture to Iggy’s YouTube channel (how else are artist’s discovered these
days?) and stylistic influences from some, well both (apologies to Jean Grae) of hip
hop’s finest female MC’s are apparent. For instance, the marvelously sinister
D.R.U.G.S. harkens to a harder, rapid-fire delivery one would imagine a certain Ca$h
Money lady-in-rhyme employing on her most effective tracks. While more fun-loving (but
no less impressive) pursuits, such as the hilariously-crafted clip for Two Times (which
finds her holding picture-cards squarely in front of her punanny while effectively lacing a Gucci mixtape classic) mirrors a still fresh, tatted-up Oakland, CA based artist.

Boring, cliche, expected comparisons aside. The requisite talent and of course
looks (did I mention this chick looks like a fucking super model?) are as-we-speak at
Ms. Azalea’s disposal. Enough so, to at the very least be mentioned in the same tier and achieve the same level of notoriety as the cream of the current female MC crop. Still just 21, and yet to release her forthcoming debut The New Classic, the “future” of the female rap game is quickly becoming the present++

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