Quick Pics: Epcot Center Food & Wine Festival

A culinary parade for your palate is the best way to describe Epcot Centers Annual Food & Wine Festival. Oddly enough we had received invites to the festival three years in row but missed the first 2 years therefore on the last weekend of the event I set a reminder in my phone. So the last Saturday of the festival I made a wise decision not eat very much during the day. A common mistake I had heard from past patrons was they drank or ate way too much so they did not get to take advantage of as many of cuisine kiosks as they would have liked. The Festival boasts regional cuisines from 6 continents wrapped up into one amazing event. See pics after the previous The great thing is there is something for everyone with any taste to enjoy while you dine around the world. Epcot’s existing world theme for the park plus the authentic taste of foods made me feel like I was actually visiting some of the countries 20 minutes at a time. I recommend picking one country to have a traditional sit down experience then hit the kiosk circuit for perfectly sized invidual servings from each country. The smaller servings allow you to leave room to experience multiple fine cuisines from around the world. If you time yourself to wine down dining by 10:00pm you will have an amazing fireworks show to end your night displayed over Epcots massive lake. My first vist to the festival insured my second, third and fourth.

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