Eyegasm: Rihanna VITA COCO Campaign Photoshoot

Rihanna has link up with famed photographer Terry Richardson for her Vita CoCo ad campaign.  See the shoot and video and read what the spokeswoman had to say while at the photoshoot after the jump“I wasn’t drinking enough water before, and I love coconut water.  It hydrates me just as much as regular water so it really started to affect my diet and the way my body was shaping up.””I also started to eat a little differently” the songstress admits, delving into the details of her diet. “I added one vegetable to each meal with my diet for awhile — but then I went right back to eating McDonald’s and pasta and stuff like that too! So really its just having a balance of eating great and staying hydrated.” “I never weighed myself so I don’t know how much weight I was to know how much I lost.  I haven’t worked out sine January

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