GET “TFOH”: Fabolous Responds to Ray J Fight in Vegas

“That wasn’t Ray J, that wasn’t Brandy’s brother. This is not no big thing to me, it is what it is. This s–t’s more war on drugs than a war be Ray J and me. This n—a high, coked up or on pills. His rant is hilarious to me– I’m taking it serious on a side of where he thinks I’m a n—a that he could do that to. At this point now, he’s gonna have to prove all of this funny s–t he was saying on The Breakfast Club. Read more and hear the interview after the jump

We all laughed about it, joked about it– everything water under the bridge. […] Ray J chimes in, ‘I’m here with the money team [and they aren’t] feeling your jokes.’ Now I’m looking at him in his eyes, and I’m wondering if he’s serious.

That whole Tupac rant Ray was on, saying he was swinging on somebody it’s all LIES. That n—a was on “That Whitney” last night. You can ask the money team– that he’s probably the water boy for. So I grabbed him by his little red hoodie, and I’m holding him there and I’m like ‘just chill out little red riding hood.’ I didn’t even swing on him I let his hoodie go he’s screamin at the ceiling. My shades got lost in the whole scuffle or whatever. Me, Kevin Hart and Meek Mill joked about it. I even performed without my shades on. There’s nothing wrong with my face. It’s not happening.

The interview was very entertaining. I woke up to it, it was very funny. They’re not raping anybody over here on this side. Up until this point Ray J was an associate of mine in this industry. I don’t know if this was fueled by him trying to prove himself to the money team.

I don’t want to be around no lame n—as anymore. I don’t care if you’ve got money, if you got money you just a lame n—a with money. At the end of the day I don’t gotta mix in with him. I was not gonna pay this attention. There’s some smart people in the world who don’t listen to that, but there’s some people that don’t know so I had to speak on it.”

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