GET “TFOH”: Mike Tyson Channels Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain In Political Spoof (Video)

Mike Tyson was always known as a brutal beast inside the ring that often made opponents wish they were elsewhere a minute or so into a bout, but lately he’s been on a roll in the world of comedy.

This time the former heavyweight champion of the world turns into a presidential candidate, well sort of.

Read more and watch the video after the jumpIn a spoof for Funny Or Die, Iron Mike transforms into current GOP front runner Herman Cain and lets the public know some of his campaign promises.

Cain , i mean Tyson, declares “Chocolate might be the flavor of the week but crazy is the taste Republicans never tire of.”

From there the hilarity ensues as gives a full rundown of how crazy he will be with the public’s support behind him and gives a some examples of what to expect from him when he becomes President and even sings about a world without pizza.




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