GETPlugged: Diddy Announces Plans To Create Music Channel “Revolt” With Comcast

It will be announced today that Sean Combs (you can call him P. Diddy, Puff Daddy or Swag), the music mogul and self-proclaimed creator of swag, is currently in the process of creating his own music cable television channel. Diddy is calling the channel Revolt, which will compete against MTV and BET with the help of Comcast.

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Before we go into detail on the matter is important to know that Diddy, the CEO of Bad Boy Entertainment, has dabbled in practically every area of the music industry over the past several years, with his latest venture being Dirty Money. No matter how you feel about the group, I do love Dawn and believe she has what it takes to go solo and move to Jay-Z’s label. Go Dawn.

As far as Diddy’s future with Comcast…as the largest cable television provider in the U.S., Comcast utilized the creation of Revolt as a means of bartering for a majority stake in NBCUniversal. During the government lobbying process Comcast pledged to have several new channels owned by minorities so that the acquisition would be approved. Comcast picked Diddy’s channel to include in the new line-up but no official statements from them have been released regarding Diddy’s latest PR campaign.

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